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Plan to join us for StoryCon 2024 on Monday, September 15th through the 17th .

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We are pleased to be holding Storycon 2024 at the Demere Center in Savannah.

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Bertice Berry
Connecting through the power of Story

How Will Story Help You To Change Your Life?

Humans are wired for narrative.  Telling your story to someone else, or by listening to someone else's story, is how we connect with one another and how we come to understand each other.

But telling an effective story isn't easy; it takes a level of awareness and an ability to go beyond the standard who, what, when, where, and how.  A compelling story is one that addresses the 'why' and one that helps the listener truly understand and care about what you're sharing with them.  To help themselves 'see' what you see and 'feel' what you feel.

Sharing important details and telling a story that invokes all the senses.  Using words and phrases that invoke imagery or feeling. Using cadence and pauses to emphasize. 

StoryCon will help you to craft your story and to become a better listener.  It will help you to be your best self and to help others do the same.

"When you tell a better story, you live a better life." ~ Dr. Bertice Berry 

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The Story conference was so much more than I had expected! I learned about myself at a deeper level than I thought I would. 

Sara Farmer


Hearing how to structure my story, as well as how to make it more interesting to others has made me a better communicator.  I find that I'm using these skills both professionally and personally, which is fantastic. 

David Lewis


The connections that I made with others was the best part of the conference for me.  Being able to share my own story and get supportive feedback has been huge.  It's helped me to make more meaningful connections in all aspects of my life. 

Janice Ford

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